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New and Exciting Additions!

Moonshine Still

Top of the Rock

In keeping up with an Ozarks Mountain tradition, in the middle of the Top of the Rock Lost Canyon Cave and Nature Trail,  there will be a “moonshine still,” as part of an elaborate cave bar, with libations that include  "Bat’s Blood."  COMING SOON! 

The Greenhouse

Green house

One of the latest projects at Top of the Rock is the 12,000 square foot, climate controlled greenhouse. Within its footprint, it is projected to produce 20,000 heads of lettuce a month. This is intended to demonstrate how food for large masses of people can be grown in a small area. The lettuce grown is called hydroponic lettuce and is produced in a nutrient flow technic system. Water recycles throughout each trough of lettuce to deliver the nutrients and water that each head needs.  The nutrient levels are monitored 24/7 as well as humidity, temperature, air flow, and water flow. Hydroponically grown lettuce is cleaner and healthier than traditionally grown lettuce and stays fresh for up to 3 weeks. Once the greenhouse is completed, this lettuce will be used in all Big Cedar Lodge, Top of the Rock, and area Bass Pro Shops restaurants. Lettuce will be available to guests and customers via overnight shipments. Self-guided and classroom tours will be available as well as actual hands on instruction for customers.